GO Real Time

Take a test drive! See for yourself just how easy it is to add real-time credit card processing and shopping cart services to your site.

Vroom Vroom

Terse Mode (The Golf Galore Demo Store)
Go for a virtual shopping spree in our demo store. See the power and flexibility of GOrealtime's shopping cart and Gateway at work. With this powerful shopping cart anyone can easily add ecommerce capabilities to their site. For a shopping cart or other type of ordering system the GOrealtime Gateway runs in what is called the "Terse Mode". When the GOrealtime Gateway runs in "Terse Mode" the shopper will never see GOrealtime. Basically the GOrealtime Gateway is invisible and does all of the processing behind the scenes.

Low-Pass Mode
In "Low Pass" mode, your shopping site only passes an amount and a unique order number to the GOrealtime Gateway. We collect the rest of the necessary information from the customer before processing the transaction.

Full-Pass Mode
In "Full Pass" mode, your shopping site collects all the information necessary to process the transaction. The GOrealtime Gateway does not have to ask the customer for any additional information before processing the transaction.

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