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This section describes the details of using the GOrealtime Gateway in Low Pass mode. You should have already read the Basics section before reading these instructions.

1. Data Path

In Low Pass mode, the shopper enters your site, makes purchase choices and gets passed to the GOrealtime Gateway when the total amount is known and the shopper is ready to pay with their credit card. Your site passes a minimum amount of information to the GOrealtime Gateway via form variables. The GOrealtime Gateway collects the remaining information from the shopper, including credit card information, and then processes the transaction. To see a diagram of this sequence of events, point your mouse here.

2. Variables

Here are the variables your site needs to pass to the GOrealtime Gateway:

  • EPP_ID
    • required
    • The ID assigned to you when you were approved for your GOrealtime Gateway account
    • alphanumeric, max length 10
  • Amount
    • required
    • This is the purchase amount in dollars and cents. Send as a number with 2 decimal places (67.23 for example). If you send a number without a decimal in it, it will be assumed to be a whole dollar amount.
    • real number
  • InvoiceNum
    • optional
    • An invoice number for your own records. This number is
      returned if you are set up to receive the transaction results.
    • alphanumeric, max length 10
  • ReturnURL
    • optional
    • alphanumeric, max length 250
    • A URL to return to after the transaction is done. You can also specify this when your GOrealtime account is first set up and not have to resupply it with each transaction. If you do provide this variable, it should be in one of two forms:

      • <FORM METHOD=POST action="http://www.shopsite.com/cgi-bin/finishsale.cgi">

      • http://www.shopsite.com/approved.html
  • ReturnURL_FALSE
    • optional
    • alphanumeric, max length 250
    • A URL to return to after the transaction is done if the transaction was declined If you provide this variable, it should be in one of two forms:

      • <FORM METHOD=POST action="http://www.shopsite.com/cgi-bin/declined.cgi">

      • http://www.shopsite.com/declined.html

3. Sample Form

<form method=POST action= "https://secure.gorealtime.com/authorize.exe">
<input type="HIDDEN" name="Amount" value="107.50">
<input type="HIDDEN" name="InvoiceNum" value="ac5555">
<input type="HIDDEN" name="EPP_ID" value="0000000000">
<input type="submit" value="CHARGE" name="submit">

4. After the Sale

If your return URL (as specified in the ReturnURL variable or as specified when you set up your account) is:

<form method=POST action="http://www.shopsite.com/cgi-bin/finishsale.cgi">

The GOrealtime Gateway will pass back the following variables. You can then have your cgi script take appropriate action (such as shipping the product, etc).

  • Result
    • Indicates whether the transaction was approved or not
    • boolean value ("TRUE" or "FALSE")
  • InvoiceNum
    • The invoice number your optionally passed in at the beginning of the transaction
    • alphanumeric, max length 10
  • OrderNumber
    • The order number returned by a successful transaction.
    • You will need this order number to perform future actions (like credits) against this transaction.
    • alphanumeric, max length 20
  • ResultAmount
    • The amount the the transaction was approved for.
    • This should always be the same as the "Amount" variable you supplied at the beginning of the transaction
    • real number

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