GO Real Time

1. Shopper Path

The GOrealtime Gateway makes it simple to add credit card processing to your new or existing web site. The shopper enters your site as usual. Once your site has a purchase amount and the customer is ready to pay for purchase, your site will hand the shopper off to the GOrealtime Gateway. The transaction servers will perform the credit card processing for the amount your site passed to them, then return the shopper to your site. To see a diagram of this sequence of events, point your mouse here.

2. Mechanics

The GOrealtime Gateway operates completely on industry standard HTML forms. Your site passes the basic purchase information to the GOrealtime Gateway via variables in a form. When the GOrealtime Gateway is finished with the transaction, it can return result information back to your site using form variables. The whole system requires no special software or programming knowledge (beyond fairly basic HTML) and will work with virtually any HTTP server.

3. Low Pass or Full Pass

The GOrealtime Gateway can operate in two different modes. If you want to collect all necessary information, including credit card information and shopper information, before sending the shopper to the GOrealtime Gateway for card processing, you will want to use Full Pass mode. In this mode the GOrealtime Gateway does not have to ask the shopper for any additional information before processing the transaction. If you would like the GOrealtime Gateway to collect the credit card and shopper information, you will want use the Low Pass mode. In this mode, you only need to send the merchant's ID, an invoice number and an amount; the GOrealtime Gateway will ask the shopper for the rest of the information needed before processing the transaction.

4. After the Transaction

Once the transaction is done, the GOrealtime Gateway will send the shopper back to a URL of your designation. If you specify a cgi script as the return URL, the GOrealtime Gateway can POST to that URL and return information such as whether or not the transaction was successful. If you don't need to know the results of the transaction, you can specify anything as your return URL.

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